hp-pavilion-nbookIts been ages since I last wrote in this blog. Laziness being the reason. Now that I got a new laptop I hope to start writing again. I bought myself a spanking new HP Paviliion dv2840tx Notebook which is capable of playing Blu-ray discs, but not burn it. Another thing is that this laptop runs on Vista Premium and dual boots with Mac Leopard OSX. Take that! I guess I must be greedy to have the best OSes running in one box. I was hoping to install Ubuntu initially, but that’s another story. I "did" have Ubuntu installed in my "old" laptop which has been "kidnapped" by my elder sister. That’s another story again! Let’s save it for another day ok? The laptop is so far so good save for the Blu-ray function which refused to recognize the disc no matter how much tweaking which had to be done all without success. I nearly gave up with HP. Nothing in their help webpages told about this absent function to play Blu-ray discs. I googled and found a work around. I had to install a third party software by Cyberlink to solve the problem. Now it works like a gem not! There’s another problem though. I tried to burn the Recovery disc but without success. 4 discs burnt and all became coasters. I don’t know why. The burning went smoothly but the verification got stuck on all four counts. WTF? I still couldn’t figure out the work around to have copies of the recovery discs in my posession. I think I need to get in touch with the HP Service Center.
Heres some info about my new notebook:

HP Pavilion dv2843TX


  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5750
    (2.0 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 667MHz FSB)
    Intel GM 965 Chipset
  • nVidia Geforce 8400M GS discrete 128MB
  • DDR2 Memory (1024 x 2pcs) 667MHz
  • 160GB HardDisk Drive
  • 14.1″ TFT WXGA LCD with Brightview technology
  • Dual Layer Super Multi Drive (Blu-ray disc play capable)
  • Integrated LAN/Modem/WLAN/Bluetooth
  • Integrated Webcam
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Approx: 2.41KG with 4-cell battery
  • 1-Year International Limited Warranty.

Price: RM3999 (da*n expensive!)




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