Backward pronunciation and talking in opposites

March 30, 2005

I have observed recently that my grand daughter has acquired a habit. There are a few words that she always pronounced backwards. All are English words. I love the way she pronounced those words. I don’t know, because to me it sounds funny. Take "parking" for example, she pronounced it "carping". One day, we were driving towards the local supermarket which she had been before. Suddenly she commented that there are lots of "carping" there. Teeheehe.. it sounds so funny.. with her giving us that innocent childish look.

There is another word that would amuse me to no end – "cavuum". Know what in the world that is? What she meant was "vacuum" – i.e. the machine cleaner that you use to suck dust off your floor. Her mom was preparing to spring-clean the house one day. Like any normal child, my grand daughter was curious (children are curious, aren’t they all?). So she asked her mom, "mom, do you wanna "cavuum" the floor?". Her mom smiled and said "yes, I want to "vacuum" the floor. You wanna help?".

The other day she was about to play with one of her battery-powered toys when she found out that the batteries were missing. She blurted out that there was no "taberi". I can’t help laughing out loud until she got mad at me.

Talking in opposites involves some nouns and adjectives. She would tell her mom that she wants to play "inside" (the house); whereas what she meant was to play "outside" – i.e. outdoors. One day, while riding her tricycle, she fell down on the lawn and dirtied her knee. "Look, I have dirtied my knee, it’s all "white"". What she meant was that she had dirtied her knee and it turned "black". It’s not that she’s confusing the words. She had the meaning correct, but the word that she said is in reverse. Black becomes white and yes.. yellow becomes blue. We were travelling in my car one day, and I gave her some M&Ms. She was sucking and chewing it while standing up in the middle of the car, she suddenly noticed in the rear view mirror that her teeth had turned yellowish. She complained to us that her teeth had turned "blue". Hehehe..

Two days ago, she popped her mom a question: "mom, is it cavuum or vacuum?". I am glad that now she is using her intelligence to differentiate what is the correct term and what is not.

God commands justice and doing good and giving to relatives. And He forbids indecency and doing wrong and tyranny. He warns you so that hopefully you will pay heed.
(Qur’an, 16:90)


She loves me, she loves me not…

March 16, 2005

Last Saturday (March 12, 2005) I attended my nephew’s wedding feast. Unbelievably, this was the 3rd occasion for him and the 4th for his same bride. The first one was their engagement do, and their second one, a wedding ceremony was (supposed to be) held sometime last year at the bride’s home. It was at this "second" function that when our (bridegroom’s) party reached there, everything looked normal then, i.e. crowded with guests befitting a wedding ceremony. We were ushered in to the lounge inside the house where we saw a decorated dais for the wedded couple to sit on prominently for all to see. An Imam (a cleric) who has to read the sermons and perform the marriage ceremony according to the Muslim rites was seated next to the rostrum. Beside him was the bride’s father who somehow or rather, looked forlorn and upset. We waited in silence for quite a long time for the ceremony to begin.. but it never happened. Finally, the father of the bride spoke. He told the cleric and all those sitting close around him that his daughter (the bride) has ran away from home. What the…? A long discussion then ensued between both families in which an agreement has been reached to postpone the marriage to an undisclosed date.

Our party was shocked and bemused by this unexpected outcome. It seemed that both family members involved already knew about this matter in the beginning but still decided to continue with the function in case the bride resolved to return home in time for the knot tying ceremony. But it never materialised as expected. We returned home devastated at the turn of the event which was not to our favour. I then approached my nephew and gave him a piece of advice (which I later regretted). I told him to forget about his fiance and start looking for a new life partner. He never respond to my advice and spent without heed to the consequences at all.

A few weeks after that eventful so-called "wedding ceremony", rumour has it that the girl had actually ran off with and married her childhood sweetheart. Small wonder! But my nephew was determined to get her back at any cost. He managed to get in touch with his girl via SMS. I don’t know what transpired between them. But finally, the girl came home.. as a wife to someone whom her family has once rejected the marriage proposal. Not to complicate matters any more, the girl managed to get herself a divorce. And today, both my nephew and her "former" fiance are reunited; this time legally as a husband and wife. May they live happily ever after.

Starting anew

March 15, 2005
I was on Bloglines before. But there were some restrictions there that I totally despise; like not having a comment facility. How can a blog not have comments? I’m sure visitors would like to leave some remarks – be it kudos or brickbats. But who cares? The owner of the blog should have the liberty to edit or remove any offending comments. Right? I see that MSN Space does allow comments and I certainly hope that the owner of the blog can actually edit or remove any remarks or comments as he/she deems fit.